Saturday, July 19, 2014

5.31: Jen & Neil

I went to spend the day at Jen's house. I didn't have a set time to leave to go since we were spending the day together. I just was waiting for Ella to wake up from a nap. I ended up leaving much later than I expected. I got there just as Jen was going to feed Neil lunch. I hadn't even thought about food for me at all. I'm glad Jen had some food for me.

Neil liked Ella's duck. (Well it's a borrowed duck.)  Neil went and got his duck to try to trade. The second picture shows him with Ella's duck. That was taken later but figured I'd just show them together.

We gave Ella her first puff. Jen had me try it first. She was going to give me blueberry to try but I wouldn't like that so then she got out the apple cinnamon or maybe apple strawberry. I forget now. But it was nice. I fed Ella her first one.
She was a little confused but went with it.
Neil was eating too.  I think he ate more than I did. I eat slow. I was too busy talking since I hadn't seen Jen in forever and I was too busy holding Ella.

Look at that face! I guess she was confused.

Ella enjoyed lunch even if she only got a puff.
After lunch, Neil went down for his nap. He napped for a few hours. We played a bit with Ella inside. Then we went outside and had her in a pool. Ella was trying out all of Neil's toys. She liked to stand at the piano and chew on it, not actually play the piano.
Ella didn't have a swim suit so we put her in with just a swim diaper. After she was done, I realized I could have just put her in a onesie and we could have had it hang to dry. Oh well. Also she got a swim suit the very next day.
It was an odd time of the day so we had to hide Ella behind the rainbow to keep her out of the sun. She splashed a little and had some fun. Her eyes were always down at the water. The above picture has her eyes a little higher but then she doesn't look happy. We did a good job keeping her out of the sun.

We tried out even more toys in Jen's basement. Ella has to try to eat all the toys just to make sure they are OK.

Shortly after this, I nursed Ella then she napped on me. I had a boppy and we just talked while Ella slept. Jen was going to get the pack and play but we just let her sleep on me. We had fun talking. After about an hour Ella woke up, nursed, then went back to sleep.   I think Neil slept about 3 hours.  But since their naps did not align, Jen took Neil into the pool after he woke up while Ella still napped on me. Or maybe that's when she tried but he didn't want to go in.

After Ella woke up, Neil did go into the pool for a little bit. The sun was at a better angle by this hour.  Neil didn't want to go in the pool at first but then he sure seemed to like it.

Then we headed to Oakmont to walk on the trail and take some pictures.  Just so you know I tried to be selective and still added about a million pictures.

We put my camera on a bench and set a timer to get all 4 of us in a picture.

Just look at these two. They are so cute.

The pictures came out a little dark with Ella flying because of the bright sun so I changed a setting and changed it a bit much but I still like it.

After we got back to our car we went to a restaurant for dinner. Jen's husband, Dave, met us there.   After we ordered, I nursed Ella. She barely ate but it was a help.

Ella didn't cooperate in the bumbo so Jen held her. I was the slowest eater and dealing with Ella moving around made me eat even slower.

It's odd seeing 2 kids in the back.

Ella fell asleep on the way home.
We were able to take her out of the car in the carrier and then I took some pictures of Jen, Dave, and Neil while she slept.

After this it was Neil's bedtime. Once we got him to bed, we took some more pictures outside and we played. Ella ended up waking up going into the house which is why we got to do that stuff.

I left pretty late to go home. Then I made a wrong turn because my phone stopped having the GPS talk through the speakers and so I missed a turn. I went quite a round about way.  Ella slept on the drive home but woke up once we got inside.
Mike fed her. I think since she had such a busy day, she wasn't as hungry as normal. She didn't gobble down all the food like normal.

Since I wrote this almost 2 full months after the fact, I probably missed some stuff and still this is a really long post. I was so glad to be able to spend all day with Jen. I remember when I was at Jen's my mom texted me asking when I'd be home. I had my dad's keys and he needed them to go to the church for something. I don't think he got to go until after 10 PM. Ella had a busy day and was still pleasant. I was surprised.

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  1. I love this post so much. I like seeing Neil and Ella together in pictures. It's like a crossover of my two favorite TV shows or something. haha!