Friday, July 25, 2014


Ella slept until 7. I woke up just before she started crying.  She fell asleep after nursing a bit but when I put her in her crib I touched her wet diaper and that woke her.
While I was pumping, Ella was playing and Poly joined her. Ella pulled her fur and since Poly didn't leave, Ella did it again. Poly meowed. Then Poly moved to only 2 ft away. I think Poly likes to be terrorized.

We played in bed a bit.  After she was up about an hour and a half she wanted a nap.
After the nap we got ready and headed to Safeway. We got Panera on the way home.

We sat down to eat it but Ella was just unhappy. After I ate 1/3 of my food, I went to feed her and she fell asleep almost immediately.

She napped a little less than 3 hours!  I napped for the last 30 min of her nap. I did some cleaning and playing on the computer and eating during her nap. The time flew.

Ella and I played after her nap. We played some in the office and some in the living room. Dave played MineCraft while watching some Starcraft tournament.

She napped from 5:30 to 6:30. I thought that'd be perfect for her going to sleep. Boy was I wrong. She was up until 12:15. It was a rough evening. She got so tired that she just wouldn't sleep. She wasn't teething. She didn't seem to want to eat either. 


  1. Aw I love the family picture!

    1. Funny how a group selfie is called a family picture. Or that I took it to sort of show the miserableness but you can't even tell now.

  2. Last picture is so sweet! She's getting so big. We are on night 3 or 4 of Parker requesting to watch videos of Ella and Poly before bed. Haha

    1. Thanks

      I should send you an email with all my ones where you have to have the link. They all aren't public. But I also haven't loaded any in a week or so.