Friday, July 18, 2014


It was such a challenging day. I was so tired. Ella had shorter naps than normal so I didn't get things done. She was fussy the second half of the day probably from her lack of sleep. She woke up early initially and I think it was from Dave's power supply making a high pitched squeal from the office. It was in the office closet which is a wall and about 2 ft from her head.  I wonder how long that thing was squealing though. I did manage to do 2 loads of laundry which isn't that easy when the dryer takes about 2 hour so it takes up so much of the day.

I went and bought an exersaucer. It wasn't the exact one I wanted but it was close enough and was still available so I got it. It was over a 30 minute drive to get it though. Ella was good in the car. She slept on the way there for part of it but when I was putting the exersaucer in the car, she woke up. She was still super pleasant on the way home. Too bad I just didn't keep driving.  Ella ended up making us miss going to google for dinner. She was just too fussy that I wouldn't risk it.

I donated some frozen pumped breast milk to a mom from mom group. I got out 2 containers of packages I had in the freezer. Of course I couldn't just give it away before documenting the ounces. I didn't have time to add it before giving it away but at least wrote it down. Ella cried sitting on the floor in the minute I took writing it. She just wasn't happen by this point.  So most bags were labeled to the whole ounce but might have had slightly more. One bag said 5+ oz. A couple were to the .25 or .5 or .4. So after I added up all the numbers it came to 99.9 which was so weird.  I still have a ton in the freezer.  I think I gave her half. I didn't want it getting old or to have to dump it because of that. I tend to dump an oz here or there from unfinished sippy cups and I don't even like to do that. I looked into donating it but you have to have an interview and blood work and I thought some might get old in that time. I'm glad I found someone to use it. Now I have some freezer space again.  Initially bags might have only had 2-3 oz in them. Now bags have 6 or so oz to them.

We tried to start Ella's bed time early but that didn't work. She was just beyond tired.  It was an exhausting day. I don't know how Dave tricked me into staying up past midnight.
 I told Ella to play in her play area while I was pumping. She got the bright idea to make a break for it since I didn't close off the opening. It's easier to walk in without stepping over. Poly kept an eye on her.

Here's when I say Poly is begging to just have her fur or tail pulled.
I called Poly away but Ella noticed her anyway.

Ella loves drinking. Sometimes she gets confused and lies on her back and tries to drink from the straw. Or she's on her stomach trying to get the sippy cup to work.
Ella sure gets around

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