Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 1-10 Outfits

I always wore a cami under this but the wrap made it work for nursing and work for getting a shirt over my neck without bumping things.
These capri athletic pants are from Costco. Every time I take an outfit photo with them I love them. Perhaps I should get a second pair.
 This is what happens when you take outfit photos at an awful part of the day but I knew I'd change into shorts so i went with it. I was going to the doctors without Ella so I was able tow ear a necklace. These are my "Fat" pants from before that now fit. I used to require a belt though.
Here the same shirt looks so boring without a necklace. Well it's hard to tell with the pics but in real life it was so much nicer with a necklace.
 I didn't want to wear long sleeves but this was the best I could do for red, white, and blue.
I think I wear these shorts too much.
 I used to love this shirt but I wish it was a little longer or little looser now. Also it looks a million times better with a necklace so maybe that's why I like it less.
 I look really pale. Dave tried telling me that Ella is tanner than me.
This is the shirt Ella OKed for me to get when we were at JCP. I need more patterned shirts.


  1. I actually really like that top on 7/1. And I remember not being able to wear necklaces for the longest time because Parker would reach for them or break them. I still get nervous around him with a necklace on.

    1. I like the 7/1 top but with a cami. Otherwise I was too much of a hussy.