Friday, August 22, 2014

8 Months of Comparisons

I take Ella's monthly pictures but I think it's more fun to compare them to previous months. I last did a post like this at 6 months. I've done other comparison posts too.
I'm always going to be mad that the 1 month photos aren't good. I have her in the chair but in a pink outfit or I have Dave holding her but either way a flash was used and Ella didn't like it.
 We only started using the stuffed animal at 3 months. I forgot earlier!
This month Ella would not cooperate and stand with me. She just kept flailing her legs in the air.
We started standing pictures at month 4. I don't think I made it so the rocker would stop rocking until month 7 though. I forgot the chair had an adjustment.
 I've randomly taken her picture on the scale over the months but not on her month birthdays. I want to dig them up and have a few better pictures.
At the beginning Ella would fall over then I would make her lie down just for some pictures. I forgot month 2 and 7 though.

Looking at these old pictures I can't believe that's how Ella used to look. It's crazy.

I still have more collages I want to make but this is a good enough start and probably all I'll even get to until another month happens.

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