Friday, June 19, 2015

5.1.15 New Clothes

I went to the mall. I mentioned I bought some stuff well here is that stuff.
This is my new maxi dress. I wore it on May 8 for a couple hours (picture above).  Then I wore it again on May 23 (picture below).
I kind of wish the dress was a little longer. I am enjoying that it was only 15.90. I'm still torn how I feel about a maxi dress. They look good in certain standing or sitting positions but then look bad in a lot more positions. 
I also bought 2 pairs of jeans. One is lighter than the other. And a pair of bermuda shorts.  I haven't worn the darkest jeans yet because they said they would fade onto things and to prewash them separately first. I just never felt like washing them separately so I never got to them. 

The shorts were 29.95. I believe they were $5 off. The jeans were buy one get one half off. So I paid 44.95 and 17.49. 

The jeans fit. The shorts fit. That was the goal. Beyond that they are nothing to write home about. I'm so glad I don't have to wear a belt all the time. Except on the 3rd or so wear then I do need a belt and you can see the belt above. They stretch and get a bit big but maybe I just shouldn't wear them so many times before washing them.


  1. Now I'm remembering these new clothes. I still love that maxi dress. The bermuda shorts are great too. I wish I had a pair.

    1. I didn't try on the shorts at the store. They are a little shorter than I was expecting but still work.