Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I skipped my morning run because I was just so fatigued from doing so much.

Ella and I coordinated our outfits!

We went to Storytime at the library. Ella was the most behaved she ever was. I was proud of her.  After we went to Daily Donuts and bought some donuts. I ate most of them. I bought 3 and gave Ella a few bites.

We went to PF Changs for dinner. I had been wanting Changs Spicy Chicken for months and months so I finally got it.  Service was so slow.  The food took about an hour. Luckily I had snacks for Ella. She did fill up on them though and didn't really eat her food. But she was so pleasant the entire time.

We went to Trader Joe's after.

I felt so happy I took a plate and cup that would work for Ella.


  1. You guys matched really well!

    1. The black shirt was in my to paint pile and I just used it. I liked that both sets of jeans had cuffs roo.