Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I ran as part of the meetup group at 9. There were only 2 of us. I did a lot of venting about Mother's Day. We ended up running so fast without realizing it. We ran 4 miles at a 10:00 pace. Pretty good. Especially good with all the talking that was going on.

Ella played after and we took some selfies so we can post the pictures to get others interested. A few weeks in a row the run has only been 2 people. And the other person has only been coming for 3 weeks. The other regulars need to get back to coming!

Ella and I wore our matching tank tops!

After we were home for a bit Gio and Lily stopped by. We decided to get lunch and go to a park. It was so fun to eat at the park. It was a bit of a chore. And it was so windy food was blowing around. It was so fun and sure made the kids tired.

I got Ella to nap in the crib and I did the Focus T25 Cardio workout. It was tough. I was so exhausted and sweating after. I did do it the same day as a hard 4 mile run but I think it would be hard anyway.

Ella started climbing up the step stool and grabbing Poly's feet as she was eating. This was a big no no!

We went to Safeway!

While I was cutting up chicken Ella found a garbage bag and put it over her head and walked around. I had raw chicken on me but kept an eye on her.  Cooking is tough work. Making sure a toddler doesn't kill themselves is tough work.

I made sesame chicken. Dave ended up not liking it. I can never win it seems.


  1. Ella on the potty with her doll on the potty. So funny.

    1. Funny. We are on the potty with a doll and doll potry right now too!