Sunday, July 12, 2015


Ella was up in the middle of the night but then slept until 7:30.  I went running a little after 9.

After the run Marie took Clara and Ella to the park and played for 1.5 hours while I did some craft organizing.  I also cleaned the kitchen a bit and worked on laundry. It was great. Then we came back and ate lunch.

I got Ella to nap a little bit after that. She napped pretty long so I was able to use my computer and watch some Netflix at the same time.

After she was awake a bit we went over and visited Lily/Gio.  We hung out there a bit. Then Gio cooked and I read to Ella and Lily to occupy them. Neither Ella or Lily like to give us moms a break to cook.

I got home and cooked. Ella bothered me. I gave her some appetizer grapes and that helped a bit.  I made beef tacos for the first time. I also ate my first beef taco and my second one. One was soft and one was hard. Then I used the 2 broken ones to make a sort of taco salad.  I've tried tacos before but only ate a bite or two and hated it.  Anytime we made a taco we had to pay the Ella tax. That's what we called it. She needed some shredded cheese each time we were getting some. That was our tax.   I gave Ella some pumpkin pie for dessert.

I thought she was ready for bed but she nursed and was clearly not ready so after 2 min in the crib I got her. She hung out next to Dave until after 9 pm.   She loves sitting next to Dave and crawling on him. She uses her laptop and just looks at Dave lovingly.

She was asleep by 9:40 and I was using my computer. Then we watched TV.


  1. Ella is so cute on her laptop next to Dave.

    1. She loves that. She won't sit beside me and behave though