Saturday, July 4, 2015


We planned to go to the Children's Discovery Museum in the morning. Of course we got a late start. We went to breakfast on the way. We had a nice big breakfast at Denny's.

We got to the museum near 11 even though I wanted to get there at 10. Ella had a blast. Some stuff was a little old for her and other stuff she loved.  We ended up seeing so much that she got tired before the end. We promised we'd take her back to see the rest.  We got a family membership.

Ella fell asleep on the way home. Then she failed at the crib transfer. I went to nurse her back to sleep. I was going to get her into the crib but there was construction next door and the inconsistent pounding/hammering and then nothing would always startle her awake. She'd see me and then be ok. So I let her nap on me. She napped about 3 hours but woke up plenty of times. That construction was so annoying. It even woke me up from my little nap.

After nap I realized Ella can now climb up to the top of the step stool and not just the first step!

I cleaned all of Ella's cups with bleach + water then with vinegar + water. Then I put a bunch in the dishwasher to help get rid of the vinegar smell. I hope they stop having a slight smell to them.  During this time Ella was hungry so I made Dave feed her. Well I gave him ideas and his favorite was give her yogurt and a spoon and let her feed herself. Ella is getting so good at feeding herself. She just needs a little help at the bottom of the container. The problem is once you touch her spoon or yogurt she gets mad. She does not want help.

We got Poly a new scratching post but Ella is the only one who scratched it.  We got it because Poly is constantly scratching the sides and top of our couch and I don't want her to ruin it.

Fabian and his wife, Regina, came over. Ella had a blast. She loved just staring and smiling at Regina at dinner.  Then after dinner she was showing off all her tricks. She did pull on Poly a few times so that was the end of that. She was up a little past bedtime so we put her to bed.

I used my computer after. I did a lot of nothing. Then Dave helped me fix my monitor. It worked plugged into a different plug in my power strip. Then we fixed the speakers because the computer was using the port on the monitor so I just plugged the speakers into that. I can't believe I've gone months without working speakers and that was the fix. I only have a left speaker that works. The right one broke so that's why Dave gave them to me and he got new ones. I don't know why I just don't get new cheap ones (that are small) so they work properly.

Then we stayed up until 2 AM. I don't know how it happened but we were doing this or that and talking about coding and talking about interviewing. Seeing Fabian put Dave in a mood that I should REALLY get a job.


  1. Parker LOVED the children's museum in Omaha. I wish we had one closer.

    1. We have a small museum and zoo about 10 min from us. Then this one that we went to was about 20 min away. There are even other museums. The computer science museum is about 8 min away.