Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Ella was up at 4:30 again. Then she was up at 6:30 for the day.

I was going to run with Beth but Gio was sick so she had to cancel. I was so tired and sore so I was glad we weren't doing a tough run.  Instead I ran later with Diana. That was a nice little run.  At Diana's, Ella got out of the stroller and sat with Diana. She took the neighbors paper up to their porch.  She also repeated words when prompted by Diana. Diana must not be intimidating like we all are.

I started making lunch early. I made grilled cheese and grilled turkey and swiss. Ella liked the turkey one. That's the one I made for me. I had asked Dave what he was doing for lunch before I cooked but it took him until they were cooking to answer. So then we went to Google after for 2nd lunch. We got to hang out with Dave so Ella loved that. I barely had to eat since I already ate a little so that was good. Too bad it was my favorite cafe so I wish I had room to eat more.

Ella started her nap around 1 and napped 3 hours. That nap allowed me to plan 3 of the 4 cards for my Stampin' Up class.

Ella and I went to the park since Gio and Lily were there.  We ended up staying 2 hours which was way longer than Lily stayed.  Ella made a new friend. (James or Jake?) He was 3 and he loved Ella. He'd walk with her up the steps and encourage her to go down the slide and wait until she was out of the way and would slide down herself.  I asked him how old he was. Then he asked if Ella was also 3.  I said no that she was 1. He said his brother was 1.  He was ignoring his brother.   When his mom made him leave, he was having a temper tantrum and yelling about how he wanted to play with Ella more. Other neighbors were there after that. Ella was 5 and Abby was 3 (I think). Ella loved watching them.  5 year old Ella would say hi to Ella and she'd say hi back. Big Ella would tell little Ella that she was so cute. She also walked up to the slide with her and Ella would go down and then Big Ella went down next.  Abby climbed the ladder thing and then Ella wanted to try. I told Ella 1 time how she had to move her hands up then move her legs up and then she was climbing away. I held Ella's body because I was afraid she'd fall. She would stop in the middle and try to pull my hands off her body.

Dave had walked home and we walked a block to meet him. Ella loved that. She notices him and gets all excited.

I made weenies and beans for dinner. It's the first time I've ever made them. We had them growing up but I haven't had them since. Ella was really hungry so that probably helped but she loved them. I kept giving her more. She then used my bowl once hers got low.

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