Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Ella woke up at 6:30.  I put her on the potty but she kept insisting she didn't have to go. Then she ran off. I told her to come back so I could put a diaper on her and she peed a lot right there on the floor!

She decided she would hide, pop her head out and say "boo," then hide again. She did this over an over.

Even though it was a holiday, we still did our run with the mom group. So Dave got to have a nice time at home. Ella was so tired and yawning all morning that I knew she'd fall asleep. She did. I stuck around to let her sleep about an hour. She didn't transfer to the car still asleep.

Close to 2 she signed to go to sleep but did not. She got an extra nursing session out of me.  At 2:51 she finally went to sleep and slept on me for a bit. She kept waking up. After 2 hours, I just couldn't take it anymore. I napped some but just couldn't handle it. I got her in the crib. I couldn't believe that she went back to sleep.  She napped 3 hours and 20 minutes overall.  Too bad it was almost 6:20 when she woke up.   Since we had issues getting her to nap and we didn't go anywhere earlier we never went anywhere. I had a to-do list. We needed little things like bread and milk. Dave never went when I was trapped with Ella on me.  When we got back from the run since she had just napped I said it would be good to go somewhere then because she'd nap later but he didn't want to go because he would have to shower so then we never went anywhere.  Oh and after the run Ella and I even took a shower together. Ella was whining and wanting me so I just showered with her but that isn't really any fun. Dave should have just been in charge but of course I don't force that.  He bought a new video game and played that or WoW almost all day. When I was gone on my run, he made a big deal about how he cleaned up a few things. Without a kid there it probably took less than 3 minutes to do it all.

Since Ella's nap was so late she didn't go to sleep until 9:40.

Dave thought that wasn't enough to time to watch all 3 episodes of Halt and Catch Fire so we watched Game of Thrones + one episode of Halt and Catch Fire.

Since I napped, I was wide awake so I watched Chicago PD. Then I was trying to figure out what to watch and watched Pretty Little Liars. I was halfway through the Seasons 1-3 recap so I finished that then watched 2 more episodes. I was missing an episode so just watched it on Netflix on my phone.  I was up until 2.


  1. Oh no to pee on the floor!! I hate those late nap days when Parker goes down so late at night too.