Friday, July 17, 2015


Ella woke up in the middle of the night but then slept until 6:45.  Ella was soaked. She managed to take off her diaper through her footie PJs.  It was 90% off and so she got pee everywhere. Poor Ella.

I tried to go for a run before Dave left for work.  He was supposed to watch Ella so I could do a speed workout. Ella and Dave weren't very helpful so I didn't get to go.   I ended up running at 9 with the neighbors.

Around 11 Ella tricked me and I thought she would nap. Well she almost did but then somehow my watch had activated satellites and then it went into power save mode so it vibrated. That made Ella wide awake.  So no more nap for Ella.  She ended up not napping until 2.   We ate and played in there.

We also did a google hangout with my mom. At one point Ella ran off while signing for potty. I asked her if she had to go and she nodded.  But then she didn't want to go.  A minute late we were in the master bedroom. I asked her if she had to go and she nodded. I asked her if she wanted to go and she shook her head.  She's so funny. (She has to go but doesn't want to! I know the feeling.) We did go and she did pee so that was good.

Ella woke up when I was putting her in her crib so I had to get her to sleep again.  I still had about 2 hours without her. I was able to enjoy eating a salad. I watched some Pretty Little Liars. I showered. I forget what else I did. I also played with the new google photos. (See blog post about it.)  I even submitted feedback since I have a picture that says it was taken January 1, 4501. I actually took in December 22, 2012. (Over 1.5 months later and I still have no idea about that photo date.)

Shortly after Ella woke up she was drinking milk from sippy. Then she got mad and started crying. I decided to call my mom as a distraction. My dad answered and she started crying and crying really hard. She had crazy tears down her cheeks.  She ended up touching my mom's picture on the phone and then hung up the phone.  I called back and my mom answered and she got so happy and started saying hi.  It was so weird. I guess she has to talk to my dad more to be able to be happy when he answers.

She snacked a bit and then we left to go get Dave.  We got In N Out for dinner.

We didn't even try to put Ella to bed at 8 since that's failed lately.  We waited until 9.

Then after she was in her crib, I left to go pick up a toddler bed I bought.

I spent tons of time playing with the new google photos. The search is so cool.  I at least watched PLL while I was playing around so I could get caught up a bit and do other stuff. I used my laptop and headphones. I don't know why I didn't ever do this sooner. I am behind on so many shows.