Friday, July 17, 2015


I took a deserved rest day after running 4 days in a row. After we drove Dave to work, we went to a park. Well Ella kept climbing in everyone's strollers. Then someone with a BOB similar to mine showed up and she ran to that one.  She really missed her run.   She did play some at the park but her main focus was on strollers.

I was feeding Ella at 10:30 and she was eating so much we just made it lunch.
Gio and Lily came over. Then we went downtown Mountain View and walked. Well they hadn't eaten lunch so we stopped at a Falafel place and had 2nd lunch for us. Ella and Lily were very well behaved.  We walked about 2 miles total.

As soon as we got back, Ella fell asleep.  She had a nice nap in her crib. I had a nice rest. I even napped about an hour!

We went to the park before dinner. Ella loves climbing. But this time some 5 year old was climbing down things and climbing all over stuff she shouldn't and then Ella wanted to do the same.  She kept trying to climb down different ladder things. Now I have to really watch out. She can't even reach the top rung. She'd definitely fall.

She had a quick snack when we got home.   She never snacked after nap so I knew she'd be starving.

We ordered pizza for dinner.

We watched TV and hung out and played until almost 9. Then we did bedtime routine and she was asleep right away after that.  Dave and I watched some TV and went to sleep.


  1. Driving the car! Parker still loves to pretend to do that.

    1. I think Ella loves all the buttons more than "driving"