Monday, April 4, 2016

15 Weeks (March)

I felt a ton of movement this week. I started showing a lot more. The pictures don't seem like I'm showing a lot more but the shirt isn't pulled tight at the bottom to fully see. The downfall of a shirt that I bought after having Ella when I had a belly. It is not tight enough to properly show these early weeks.
Size of baby: Apple, 4 inches long

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I gained 3.4 lbs this week. So now I'm at 0.9 lb loss overall. (I weighed myself 1 day early last time so it's for 8 days not 7. )

Maternity Clothes: I haven't worn any maternity clothes but today I needed to use the ponytail holder trick since my pants wouldn't button. (Freshly washed jeans from about 2010)

Gender: We will find out on April 9.

Movement: I seem to feel it all the time.

Sleep: I never seem to sleep. Ella doesn't sleep. We traveled and I had to sleep with her. I wake up 1 time or maybe 2 in the night but the 2nd is so close to when I'd wake up that I just wake up.

What I miss: lunch meat. I really felt it this week when I couldn't have a chef salad and couldn't have Wawa hoagies.

Cravings: Nothing yet.

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: I can't think of any.

Best moment this week: I'm not sure.  

Looking forward to: My blog being caught up to my actual weeks. (But not looking forward to not having time to make posts.)

Exercise: I didn't work out at all. I did play with Ella at the park and get out of breath. Lugging Ella + luggage through an airport made me really out of breath so maybe that was a workout. 

Same this time: I want my blog to be caught up. Oddly enough I had huge weight gain last time too.

Different from last time: I finally got to work out last time and this time I went all week without working out.

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