Friday, April 22, 2016

3.20: Moving Part 2

 Moving Day 2 --- All the rest that wasn't moved on Friday. Mainly the garage, sheds, and office.

I was at the old house with the movers and packing up the garage.  Dave was at home. He cleaned the fridge and this is what he looked like doing it.  It smelled so bad because the previous tenant unplugged it and left it closed.  He had to clean it quite a few times to get rid of the smell.

To help us out, Maie offered to watch Ella for a few hours. She came and picked up Ella. Ella had a blast playing with her son.  And it helped us greatly not having Ella around.  Everyone knows I love pictures so I got a ton of pictures texted to me throughout the day.

Dave got the couches rearranged before more junk showed up.
Ella got her own cereal. She didn't do it quite right.
Dave took Ella to Rancho San Antonio. She walked 1.6 miles he said. She kept wanting the park. So then on the way home he took her to the park in our neighborhood.

Brenna and Dan came over.  They helped unpack the kitchen and move some boxes so we could actually book the bookshelves were they go.  Then when Dave was gone with Ella, we got the bed frame put together.

Moving is awful. I never want to do it again.


  1. We want you to move one more Pittsburgh!

  2. Dave will have to teach me how to get rid of fridge smells. I still can't get the dill smell out of our bar fridge. I've tried baking soda, charcoal briquettes, chlorine bleach, a heavy duty fridge deodorizer, and airing it out for a few months. Nothing worked.

    1. You did more than he did. I thought he used some bleach spray. We also had a fan blowing into the fridge to dry it out after he cleaned it. It was blowing into the fridge for a few days. I wonder if that helped.