Monday, April 18, 2016


 We headed to our Monday run.
 We ran and played at the park.

I made grilled turkey and cheese for lunch. Ella opened it up and just ate the turkey. I tried to give her just some turkey. She didn't want to eat it. I asked why and she said she liked it cooked. So then I just cooked her up some so that I wasn't wasting bread and cheese. (I forgot that months ago I discovered she only liked the expensive cheese and not the sliced swiss.
Before nap time I took Ella to another park.  I tried to tire her out so she'd fall asleep in the car.  We played a long time. She was pretty tired but then she wouldn't fall asleep. I had to drive a long time.

She eventually fell asleep!
 Baby bump
I went to MVCC for a meeting. That meant Ella was at her 3rd park for the day.

 We stopped and got 5 guys on the way home.  Ella had fun cracking peanuts.
 Then at home that's all she wanted to do.
Dave's Star Wars movie showed up. So of course Ella had to try it out. She made me sit down too even though I was trying to be productive.
At night she had to be tucked in next to her babies. I took a picture with the flash and she liked it so much she wanted another one. This was the 2nd one.

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