Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ella 27 Month Update

I didn't write one for 25 or 26 months.

  • Weight: 27 lb 10 oz (49th percentile) 
  • Pullups: 2T/3T
  • Clothing: 3T but she still wears some 2T stuff and the shirts are a little short. She also has some 4T stuff that fits
Ella naps wonderfully at preschool. She naps horribly for me. I've taken to driving her around most days to get her to nap.  Night she got better over the past couple months. She transitioned to her toddler bed and had a lot of new freedom. We put a gate up in her doorway so she is reminded to stay in her room and that helps. 

Ella eats less than she was. She goes through phases of wanting all junk food or wanting healthy food. 

Sample Schedule:
She still almost has 2 schedules. Her nap schedule with me and her nap schedule at preschool. 
She wakes up around 8. She goes to sleep between 9:30 PM and 10:00. We start bedtime routine around 8:30 daily. She doesn't fall asleep until after 3 and after a car ride when she's with me. 

At preschool she naps almost right at 1. They also take less than 5 minutes to get her settled down and she's always one of the first kids sleeping. She naps about 2 hours there and is often close to last to wake up.

At preschool she eats snack around 9:45 and then lunch around 11:30 and then snack again shortly after nap. Then on the drive home at 5 she always wants to open her lunch box and eat whatever she didn't eat for lunch.  We eat dinner after we are home but sometimes a little while later. She eats breakfast before preschool. Sometimes cereal and sometimes a cereal bar. 

At home, I don't know if we always do breakfast + AM snack + lunch + snack + dinner.  But I do think she often snacks before nap. We may or may not have the AM snack. 

Bedtime routine is different because of the bed. She has to be calm when we leave her.  We try to take turns which parent is with her but she wants me to rock her most of the time. We are both in there but then one leaves  and the other rocks her. If I rock her, we rock forever and she flips out a lot when I try to say to get in her bed. Dave never has to rock her as much and sometimes she even falls asleep on him. 

She wears pullups at night and during naps just so she will sleep better. She always wears pullups and recently she is going to the potty less. She is doing a lot better with having dry pullups and asking to go potty but for some reason she always wants to take off the dry pullup and put on a new one so then I have a collection of pullups she wore but are dry that I have to try to sneak on her at other times. 

Special Moments:
On December 25, Ella's first word upon waking up was Christmas.   After opening gifts she immediately wanted her helmet and coat on to go ride her scooter. 
On December 26, Dave turned on music and Ella immediately recognized it as Star Wars. 
On December 30, Ella asked me for something. I thanked her. She immediately said "you're welcome."
On January 3, she had her first hair trim. I cut her bangs. 
On January 4, she was using a kid cart at Trader Joe's. She ran into a lady so I asked her to say sorry. She said it so softly. I asked her to say it sorry louder so she said "Sorry louder" but did say that louder!
On January 5, she vacuumed with the big vacuum. She had to clean for her friends to come over. 
On January 6, she was in the classroom at preschool for 10 minutes without me. I was observing but then stepped out briefly.  She peed on the potty at school but with me there. 
On January 7, she was dropped off at preschool for the first time. She was also in her toddler bed for the first time. 
On January 15, Ella got her shots in her arm for the first time. (They claimed she was big enough but most others I talked to said their kids still got it in their legs and those kids are bigger. Ella's arm hurt for a long time and she always talked about her boo boo arm.) 
On January 16, Dave noticed her molar poking through.  At night in her bed, I heard her singing Open Shut them and clapping too. 
On January 22, she ran into our room yelling green when her OK to wake clock was green. 
On January 23, Dave said WTF and Ella repeated it many times. Except they both said the actual words. 
On January 24, Ella peed twice in restaurant potty. She was wearing panties.  But then she had an accident at Macy's.  She said "pee pee pee" first then "uh oh pee"  Then finished on the potty when we got there. 
On February 6, she woke up crying and she had a fever. 
On February 7, Ella picked up Poly off the chair. This is the first time she ever picked her up. 
On February 22, she told Pap-Pap she loved him.
On February 25, she bucked herself into her carseat entirely herself.
On February 28, Ella had her second hair trim. I cut her bangs. I cut less of them because I wanted some of the hair from the top of her head to actually be real hair not bangs.
On March 1, Ella heard a helicopter. She told me. We couldn't see it. Then we saw it. I asked her how she knew it was a helicopter. She said "The sound."
On March 4, Ella said she wants to be an astronaut.
On March 18, she counted to 10.

There are probably many more things but I lack at writing things down now.

She got so much better at talking these last 3 months.
Counting and letters in the alphabet have improved. 
She now says colors instead of just picking out what color we say to get.
She will say some letters of the alphabet when I mess up and stop. I learned this when I actually messed up and forgot what came next then she said Q R S and I realized she was right. 
She can hear a song and know it's a theme song to someone on Twitch TV or know a different one is Luke's song on Star Wars, etc. She's gotten good at Star Wars. She tells me about the plot too.
She's gotten so much better at singing some songs but still can't sing many without help. 
She's great at hand motions to songs. 
Other Tidbits:
She LOVES the park. She likes to "go park." Swings are her favorite part.
She likes apple juice. 
She likes clocks. 
She likes Santa. (We still read Christmas books nightly.)
She likes to watch Twitch TV. She walks in the room and can say who the 3 different streams are that Dave will have on. 
She likes her friends. She likes more friends! Now she's better at referring to them by name.
She likes to paint.
She likes candy. 
She likes to pretend she's a baby. 
She likes to pick out and eat only the marshmallows from cereal.
She likes to say no to everything.
She likes rockets and going into space.

Lately she flips out and cries a lot when it's time to go to sleep. She hates going to sleep.
She doesn't like to ride in a cart. 
She has a fear of missing out so she hates everything associated with that.
She doesn't like it when you help her.
She doesn't like it when I'm not there when she wakes up from a nap.

Random Things
Ella says a lot of 3 word sentences now. She talks a lot. She's very demanding. She might even say a couple short sentences together. I still have trouble sometimes understanding what she's saying but I understand more. She gets mad and bites or does something else bad when you really don't understand her. She's so frustrated.
She went on an airplane and loved it. She learned all about it and then on the next flight was explaining everything she learned about going up high and being above the clouds.

I didn't take these pictures special. Actually I think Dave and a friend took them all! They were just pictures I had from March 20!

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