Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Ella woke up just before 9. I am enjoying sleeping in but this will also put a damper on all our morning activities if it continues.  She's been staying up a lot later too.

We played and hung out. Dave went for blood work. Ella ate some cheese balls, played with playdough, then ate some cereal. She never left her high chair.

We played and hung out. I finally got to take a shower. Dave and Ella watched Star Wars.

By we played and hung out, I mean, Dave watched movies or played video games. Ella might have been playing in the living room or might have been getting into trouble. I was cleaning and keeping an eye on her and playing with her and yelling at her when she did things bad.

My level of anger is so high. This house is SO messy. I'm still sick. Dave is home. He doesn't do anything to help clean. Well he broke down boxes about 4 days ago and he claims that was good. I've been spending hours a day doing stuff. Also, I deal with Ella. She may be with him and I'm off doing something then when she needs something they are both yelling for me because he doesn't do anything. Then he claims she's asking for me. Well yea she does that since he never does anything. If she is done eating, she doesn't need me. He can clean her off and get her out of the high chair.  I'm so mad at this all.  I cannot believe how it's not even any better when he's home.   Last year he did better cleaning up but the house was perfectly clean when he got home on his last day of work so more mess got cleaned up. Now more mess gets blended in. There is no counter space in the kitchen it's so messy. The refrigerator is so full yet we barely have any food. We need to go through it but we have to do so many things.

We went to google for lunch. It was good. Dave complained he had to wait so long for me to be done.

I took down the Christmas Tree. Ella helped. Lots of her helping really made steps take 10x longer.

I put the tree box and 2 big containers back in the garage. Ella kept coming outside while I was doing it. I'd tell her to go back inside. That was another thing that was just setting me off. There is another adult at home. I think I need to leave the house and be gone or else I am the one doing it all. I keep saying this is a reason why I'm never healthy.

Finally around 3:30 we tried to put Ella in for a nap. She was crazy crying and flipping out and not wanting to go in. I didn't comfort her and just left. She stood crying in her crib a long time. Then she stood in her crib quiet for a long time. Finally she lied down and went to sleep.

Once she was asleep Dave asked me to watch some TV. So we spent most of nap watching West Wing.
Ella even woke up and was kind of tired so she sat cuddled with Dave and we all watched some West Wing.   Ella played on her iPad some. She tried stalling. She kept saying it wasn't bed time. She hid in her pop-up tent.
She went to sleep so late.  She is terrible at going into her crib anymore. It's awful.

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