Friday, April 1, 2016


Grocery shopping. Ella sat in the bottom part.

Such a little bugger climbing in the container to watch her ipad.
 We played trains.

Cleaner than painting with paint. Painting with water. It changes the color of the paper.
Lily visited and these kids hug and hold hands without even being prompted. Too bad I'm not ready with a picture every time.  They play pretty well together.

 Ella pushed Lily then Lily pushed Ella.

 I looked outside and there was a cat. Our yard is fenced in.

We went outside. I was going to see if it had a collar. But it ran away and Ella chased it. I saw how it get out of our  yard. We had a slight gap between the fence and the house.

Nap time in the car before preschool.

Ella always likes to swing and play outside.  But this was the first time at school we were in the new school instead of inside the church.

 My new camera arrived so then I took pictures to practice while lying in bed.

The old and new camera taken with my phone.

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