Saturday, October 27, 2007

somehow i think i should have eaten dinner already. also i should have taken the pumpkin pie out of the truck of dave's car.

today dave and i were both dead tired so we skipped westinghouse science honors institute but it was alright because we got an e-mail yesterday saying they were running it yesterday and didn't require our help but we could still go to see what it's like. so really it would have been stupid to go. then we went to sam's club for pumpkin pie and that was just a mess. 22 is awful. then we went to johnny carinos and the bookstore. then we came home and met my parents here. took the seats out of my dad's van and stuck them in our garage. then we went to gram's and got the recliner. and got the kitchen table. we did not take the dresser that we were thinking of taking originally. one drawer is broken. dave and i don't fix things so we figured it would stay broken forever so we aren't taking it. we removed the mirror before we decided against not taking it. then we came home and moved the recliner to the living room and moved the loveseat to the basement. then we rearranged. that was an ordeal. it's odd but interesting. i might be able to put my Christmas tree up now. i'll just have to leave off half of it and make it like a half tree at the bottom few rows. i shouldn't have purchased a 54 inch diameter tree. oh and during all this moving furniture we ended up making a mess just cleaning off the furniture and then my dad gets a bag and starts going through stuff to throw it away so i have to like follow him around and go through it myself for like 20 minutes. that was good though. newspapers on our table got thrown away finally. my dad always forces me to clean up when he's here. i didn't know they were going to do the chair today or i would have cleaned up first.

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