Monday, October 29, 2007


I woke up at about 8 today. i got to work at 8:35. i had a club type meeting during lunch. i left at 4:45 to get an allergy shot. i returned to work at 5:30 and worked until 7:32. then went to Kenny Ross and dropped dave's car off. Then we went to Taco Bell ate quickly and went to giant eagle. We went to the North Huntingdon Giant Eagle. Then we came home and got here at 9:40pm. long day. now time to do 8 billion things from my to do list.

we spent 80 bucks at giant eagle. we got barely any food. we really only have enough food for 1 meal..spaghetti. i did buy some spices but i didn't buy the chicken or whatever else we need.

last monday we spent 100 bucks at giant eagle. something is wrong here.

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