Sunday, February 1, 2009


i just spent a half hour using the ice pick and shoveling. the bottom of the driveway is almost totally ice free behind pb's car (except i didn't do the angled part at the end of the driveway since the pile of snow is over that. but behind my car is still 3 inches thick or more at the bottom of the driveway. i tried to get rid of layers. then i eyed up the sidwalk. the sidwalk on the side of the driveway with the mailbox is 5 inches thick of ice. i tried to pick at it and then shovel to at least get rid of some of the top layer so if it melts with the temperature it's easier. then the driveway isn't shoveled as wide as the pavement. i tried to shovel closer to the edges but it was too icey so it was super hard to stand. i salted. the driveway is out of the sun though. it was quite a workout. also i banged my jaw with the shovel handle when i was switching from shovel to ice pick. not sure how i did it, but it sure hurts. the sidewalk on the other side of the driveway is only 3 inches thick of ice. it had a layer of snow on top. i shoveled that off.

the road is a pond. there is so much ice around the drain that the water doesn't really get to the drain.

across the street the driveway and walk is bone dry except at the very end where i have trouble with. and that is wet on their end. this morning it ws inches thick of ice. the people in this house shovel. they are practially the only other house on this end of the street that shovels their driveway and walk

across the street to the left (where the people have a basement garage), they had trouble getting out today. their tires were spinning like crazy. there are pink balloons hanging from their mailbox. i don't know who lives there though. it's the house that has the stone around the front door.

so earlier today another house across the street had inches thick on their entire walk. their walk has steps and you can tell how much snow/ice is on it since they don't have shrubs. their walk is dry now. they get the sun. we don't get the sun.

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