Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shopping trip (7/11)

I went to Kohl's. Then later Pittsburgh Mills Mall. Then it was back to Kohl's.
Oh on July 10, I got a purse too.

I bought my first clutch on Saturday. I probably would have purchased two if I wasn't there with my parents.  We went to K&G after we ate at Mad Mex. I don't know if I've been in that store before but my mom wanted to show it to my aunt. I looked at 3-5 stores for a clutch the week before and failed miserably so I was excited to find one so cheap.
K&G Fashions, Miracle Mile Shopping Center, 16.99 + tax

Kohl's, Rt 8 in Gibsonia, $12, on sale for 6.99, 15% off  = $5.95
I also bought a watch at this time but it was too big so I took it back later that day. It is probably the third thing I've taken back or exchanged in my life. The watch was 18.49.  The total was 25.48 and then I used my $10 Kohl's cash and after that they took off 15%. So the total was $13.82. (When I get to my description on my 2nd Kohl's trip, all these totals make it interesting.)  
I have 2 tank tops like this that I workout in so I decided to get another.

Macy's, Pittsburgh Mills, $69 but on sale 50% off = $34.50
I was actually in search of black flats. I failed. But recently I did say that I should get purple shoes just for fun. So I won in the purple shoe front.
Dicks Sporting Goods, $35 but with 2 gift cards = $15
The shorts are too big. They are the same size as my other pink shorts but I'm swimming in them.  I should have exchanged them but I already returned one thing from this shopping day and I return 1 thing every 5 years or more so I can't.  The gift cards I had were from the Race for Virginia on July 4. I got 1 $10 one for registering for the race and 1 $10 one for placing in my age group.  I like this style of shots because they have spandex under them so I don't inadvertently give a show to anyone. But the outer layer is nice so people don't actually see me in spandex. Without the gift cards I probably wouldn't have gotten these. I'd say maybe 2% chance I'd spend 35 bucks on shorts.  The first pair of shorts like this I actually  had 2 gift cards too. I bought 2 pairs of shorts that day so maybe that pair cost me $25.  $25 is still too high.
I went in lots of stores at the mall and didn't find what I was looking for and also didn't find other things I was interested in. 

I headed home but was passing kohl's on the way. I decide I will in fact exchange my watch. I looked at other watches but they all looked too big so I decided to look for other things. 

Kohl's, $40, 60% off (16), then 15% off coupon, $13.60
I was sick of all of my short shorts from high school or college. I don't like shorts that short. I have been thinking for awhile how I need some of the shorts that go to my knee. Well now I got some. 
Kohl's 54.99, on sale to 38.49, then 15% off = 32.72
These are some tall shoes. I didn't realize how tall there.  They are a sandal which is totally out of character for me. I wish my 1 toe nail would grow and not be stupid but Haley told me I can still show my toe even if it's ugly because nobody is looking that closely. I listened to Haley even though my mom made a reaction when she saw my toe about how I shouldn't wear sandals.

I returned my watch and got 16.79 back. So it was like my shirt cost negative a few dollars. But I did go back and spend way more than the first time I was there.  
I figured if you returned something when you used Kohl's Cash that they would factor that into the return.  I know stores like Express and VS pro-rate the 10 coupon to give a certain percentage to each article of clothing so that if you return an article you lose a portion of the deal.

Yay for new things. In 1 week I wore 3 of the 6 things above.

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