Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Shoes: Target (they are awful because the sole is wood and there is no bend to them at all)
Skirt: F21
Shirt: Express
Jacket: NY&Co (worn for warmth when we went out to dinner at 8pm)
Necklace: Lia Sophia
I decided to take a break from TV and start being productive. I did a good bit of cleaning.  But I threw productivity out the window when I talked to my mom on the phone for two and a half hours.
Dave and I went to PF Changs for dinner.
I thought I'd catch up on Desperate Housewives but after 1 episode I just couldn't watch any more.  So I started watching Dawson's Creek.
The one main character had on a shirt that I owned. I dug up the old picture of me in it.


  1. :)
    Great, glad to heard that and may I say Dave should have been in heaven walking beside you when you went to dinner. Looking super!!!!!

    1. Thanks.
      I was actually mad at him because he lost track of time and didn't give me a heads up and I even had a reservation at pf changs an only didn't know he wasn't making it when he didn't get home versus him realizing it the previous 40 minutes that he could have figured out he didn't get on the shuttle.

    2. We men are hopeless at times. :(

  2. I really love that outfit! Super cute.

  3. Love the outfit, but love that you had the same shirt & found the pic! I always love that when I see someone wear something I have or something similar!!

    1. I always like to find when other people have the same thing I have. It's only happened a few times so far though.