Sunday, September 2, 2012

Email Progress

I've previously posted about my work emails and my personal emails.

I'm down to under 65 conversations in my inbox.  If I can just get it under 50 so it all fits on 1 screen I'll be happy.  I'm doing a good job of keeping up with new emails coming in.  The 50 shown on the first inbox page go back 23 months worth. Oh I just checked and it's 5 days short of 2 years.  I just need to go through a few more. (I'd be even further along if I didn't watch 5 hours of TV today.)

My unread emails is going down. I'm down to 21 unread emails.
With my new method of sorting, my follow-up and hold folders are increasing but I've also made it a point to go through those quickly to get rid of some.
I used to star emails and then never look at them again if they weren't on my main page.  I have been going through them.  A good portion seemed to have pictures attached that I needed to save to my computer.  I am saving them and then unstarring them.  It's going well.  I open the starred folder daily and go through about 10. I don't spend too much time because it gets to be a little boring.
I did a combined graph but it's hard to tell the lower numbers.
I looked at the past year.

I should get some sort of software that just keeps track of all this stuff for me.  I read about this one that guy even kept track of his keystrokes. He had his emails sent and received.  I'll have to google it sometime to find the link again to the stories and blog posts about the guy. You could see basically when he slept each night based on all the emails he sent throughout the rest of the day.


  1. Any email that's more than a couple weeks old you can just archive. It'd be weird for you to respond at that point.

    1. A lot of the old emails are from myself telling me to do something. But sometimes I do reply to ones 2 years old about reddit links or something and it is weird.