Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ella Says ... (July 2017)

I wish I documented more of these because I love reading them later.


Miles wants barrettes to play with.
Ella: These are too small but you can have this one. (gives him big one that's not joking hazard)


I'm talking about Ella's age and stuff about what she can do when older
Ella said “hashtag 3 years old”


Ella puts a blanket on Poly.
“Poly was cold.”


I told Ella Gio was going to have a little brother or sister and said Ms Beth is having a baby. She said "I have a baby too. He's sleeping. He grew in your tummy and then at the hospital."


Me: I'm going to go do 8 push-ups
Me: No.12 push-ups.
Ella: 8 push-ups and 12 push-ups. 20 push-ups.


I yell at Ella for choking Miles
Dave: Maybe you shouldn't yell at her like that
Me: Well how to you get her to stop
Dave: You don't
Ella: Maybe Daddy punch me in the face.

(I just laughed again rereading this!)

Ella: is the bad movie over?
Such a cutie. She was in living room while we watched Game of thrones. I told her I'd sit with her when it was over. She was so excited I joined her.


Miles sort of pinches Ella. Ella was good about it. My mom was surprised and comments.
Ella: He's just a baby.



Dave and Ella are about to bake. Dave about to read what we need says aloud “Let's see what we need”
Ella: 2 eggs
She was right.


I was talking to Ella about wearing shorts under her dress to keep undies covered
She says "or pants"
Then “or a skirt “
Haha this kid

If she sleeps 3 days with a dry pull-up then she can sleep in undies

Today is day 1
Ella: 2 days to go!
Me: How did you know that?
Ella: 3 days of dry pull-up. Today is day 1. So 2 days to go!


During a workout video...
Ella: Mommy can you do it with me on your back?
Me: No
Ella climbed on me anyway and I did it.
Ella: See mommy you can do it.



  1. She's so funny! I like the hashtag 3 years old the best.

    1. I was a little partial to her putting a blanket on Poly and Poly tolerating it. But hashtag 3 was another good one.