Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Kids Say... (June, July, and August 2019)

I still document a few things but forget a lot. Then I forget to make the posts. So I'll try to catch up.


A sign I never have the kitchen table clean. Miles walked to it and stopped in his tracks “there is nothing in the table!!!”


“I want Jaden and Maddie to come back to our house.” -- from Miles


Miles: Mommy I wish we had some red tomatoes
Me: Well maybe we can have some later.
Miles: Well I don’t like red tomatoes
Me: Well you don’t have to eat them
Miles: How about we have some green peppers?


Arriving and getting out of car
Me: Miles as soon as we get out of the car I’m going to feed Miles. I mean Liam
Miles: Mommy I don’t like boobs


Red white and blue day at school
I say "I’m wearing blue. I didn’t have something that was all 3 colors"
“I was going to get a red necklace. I forgot. “

Minutes later
Miles: your legs are white
Me: They are white
Miles: yes for red white and blue day. You just need red.


Taking about Miles’s nickname for Liam
Me: Miles where did you come up with the name puggy?
Miles: good morning huggy


Miles is tired. Denies it
Dave: Miles you know how you are always falling over
Miles: ride horses


Go in Liam’s room
To get him and feed him. Come out

Miles: I missed you when you were gone.


Miles thanks me for giving him bread (dinner). And late thanks me for giving him more pasta

Me: You're so nice and kind.
He argues “no you are nice and kind”
Me: we both are
Miles: you and Daddy are nice and kind


Miles: Mommy can I have 2 best friends?
Me: Yeah you can have 2
Miles: Yay then Liam can be my best friend, too.
(He often says Ella is his best friend)


Miles Just got sad. And I asked why.
Miles: I don't want to go to acorn.
Me: Why?
Miles: Because I will miss Ms Sarah
I told him he can still say hi to her and she can visit acorn so then he got happy


Pap-Pap asked his favorite part of the day
Miles: Ella
Pap-Pap: Why?
Miles: Because she’s not bothering me now


Singing Skinnamarinky dink to Liam
It ends
Miles: I love you too mama

8/4/19 (He has done this many many times since)

I went to bathroom. And hear “let’s get this baby out of here” from Ella
I shout not to take him

And come out to them putting him in a doll stroller


Miles tells me he likes the made bed. More room for jumping. He said the cleaning ladies made it for him. I said no I made it

He said “aw mom. You are the best”


Miles: mommy I’m glad Liam is part of our family.


Miles playing with toy Pap-Pap bought him. I ask if he got that from Pap-Pap. He says “no. I got it from the store. You were there. and daddy. and Ella. and Liam. and Pap-Pap”
(Pap-Pap did pay)


Miles: Mommy I had such a fun day with you
Miles said this after we got back from getting donuts and going to the dollar tree


Ella and I put the camping chairs in the car. She was so excited. And said she wants to camp. She said she can use her sleeping bag.

Ella: I can take my sleeping bag, my stuffy, and my night light.
Me: You don't have a tent.
Ella: I can just sleep under the stars.


My favorite one might be when I hear Ella say let's get this baby out of here.

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