Friday, May 27, 2011

5.19 - LBD

Dress: Old Navy (1999 or 2000) ~$15
Cardigan: NY&Co (2010)
Shoes: Famous Footwear - Connie (2011)
Necklace: Lia Sophia (2010)
Belt: Kohl's (2010)
Earrings: Target

I lengthened the necklace with 2 safety pins. Usually I use those 2 pins to shorten it.  The necklace is adjustable by 4 inches but those 4 inches never seem to cut it.

This dress fits better than it has in the past. Last year it was a little big. It fit better this year. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. I mean I have love handles now so it should probably be bad.   The belted cardigan makes the dress fit in the back.  I have this problem with so many dresses not fitting above my butt. My waist goes in so far going down my back and then my butt sticks out even further. I am not sure if this is normal because I don't analyze anyone else but maybe I will start looking at some point.
So all day I wore this and thought how awesome it would have been to wear with breakfast with the CEO the next day and I was disappointed I created the outfit a day too early.  

I have probably only worn this dress a half dozen times. It is the main reason I say I wouldn't get rid of clothes I didn't wear for 1 year. I always think of this dress and don't want to get rid of anything I haven't worn for a year because of it.  I probably went a good 6 or 7 years without wearing this one.  These pictures make the dress seem shorter than I thought it was. I think I pulled it down after or at least I hope so. This is a little too far above the knee for my liking.

So do my legs look tan? It is because I bought the wrong pantyhose.  These ones are called "slight color" or something. I had such difficulty finding my size that I ended up forgetting to double check the color. Why is it so hard to find Nude pantyhose in size C of Hanes?  Kohl's pantyhose section is a joke. They don't have the same size, color, style together. Or they only have 1 of each.  It was a mess, but I wanted to try something new after how disappointed I've been with Legg's recently.
In the morning Poly was cuddling with me. I got up but getting up on the other side of the bed. Poly was not happy.
When I was getting ready for work, Poly wasn't bothering me. I was curious what she was up to. Well she was sitting on the suitcase. She was already trying to be packed. I guess she didn't know that I got the suitcase out early to make it easier when packing after work.

After work, Dave and I went to dinner with Chad and Jen.   After that I had to mow. It was a little wet but I had to get it done before we went out of town.
I walked upstairs and see this on the floor. Dave blamed it on Poly. The laundry basket was sitting on the floor with some clean socks still in it. Apparently she was playing fetch and took a dive off the bed to get the ponytail holder and the basket was in her path.
After all that, it was time to pack.  Poly tried to pack herself in the garment bag. Poor Poly.
It took me a really long time to pack because I spent so much time trying to figure out what to wear to breakfast with the CEO (and other people). Also packing was rough with at least 3 loads of dirty laundry.  I also wasn't told what the wedding colors were so I didn't know which of my dresses to wear.  I over packed. I figured we were driving so I could pack extra.

Our original plan was to drive to Philly leaving at 7am but because of the breakfast, we would be leaving after the breakfast, but this still meant that I had to be totally packed and ready to go before going to sleep.

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