Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Shirt: Express (2009 or earlier)
Skirt: NY&Co [it is pin stripes but you can't tell] (Feb 2010)
Shoes: Aldo (2011)
Purse: Target (Summer 2010 - $10 and the next week it was on clearance for 6)
Necklace: Sears (2011)
Badge: Work :)

I had PT before work and was going to the gym after work again so I needed a picture taken when we went out to lunch.  I was super quick about it this time. I didn't put down my bag. I hope nobody caught me. I bet they did.  These photos were taken with my little point and shoot. You can tell the clarity is different than my SLR.
At the end of the night I was changing my purses and Poly wanted to be part of it.  She also thinks my sunglasses are a bracelet.

I only took 4 pictures total. I barely tweeted. I didn't do anything special.