Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:01:45 AM - @lisafilipek I know. And usually my cleaning involves piles of stuff on my bed.
12:03:42 AM - @LaurelHeather I thought you were the one originally wanting it.
12:09:54 AM - @LaurelHeather annoying. Push his buttons like he pushes yours. No don't. That'll make it worse.
08:08:06 AM - @stinachristina ok. Thanks for the info. I think you should be able to use your gmail. Not sure.
11:05:08 AM - @angelineevans See I think the weather is depressing because it will be 91 today and 93 tomorrow. Too hot to leave the house.
11:14:38 AM - @angelineevans Well it is 90 and humid. This morning it was 70 and humid and I was dying taking my outfit photos.
12:43:19 PM - @angelineevans Haha. to me cold used to be under 0 but I'm getting old so now it's cold if it is under 20.
12:51:04 PM - @angelineevans Back when I started here one girl complained about the cold. (the 50s) she started in March so missed the winter cold. ha
01:27:43 PM - The A/C is broken in my building at work. My area isn't that bad but other areas are 86 degrees.
10:22:46 PM - @FatGirlvsWorld I just made my June #GoTheDist goals
10:27:54 PM - I think to save time picking out my clothes I should go to 6-1 each of previous years & just wear one of those outfits. http://bit.ly/ctvUMc

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