Friday, May 6, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:17:47 AM - @angelineevans now it is 40 outside and 80 inside. Something wrong here too.
09:00:07 AM - @FatGirlvsWorld I'd do it but my PT is up in the air so not sure what I'll be able to do
09:11:52 AM - @iamoddd I'm about to have the lady at PT(3rd visit one). Wonder what she'll say this time
09:13:27 AM - @angelineevans haha. A friend had words spelled wrong on her college diploma. Science was wrong and I forget what else
10:23:26 AM - @angelineevans 80 and muggy is worse than 80. I should have clarified it was muggy
10:26:08 AM - @angelineevans last I heard they were mailing them new ones. Congratulations was also spelled wrong."congratuations" and "sciecne"
10:34:26 AM - @briecs @LaurelHeather I missed being able to get a run in due to mowing and weedwacking and Dave did none.
10:35:01 AM - @briecs @LaurelHeather and he got mad when the mower stalls and he has to come out and start it because I can't do it.
10:38:08 AM - @briecs @LaurelHeather and he said mowing was on my time table. it wasn't. Rain = mowing time table. & I'll be out of town and it can't wait
01:01:38 PM - After lunch I had Dave take my daily picture outside. a coworker asked me about it when I got inside. I was caught.
03:03:04 PM - It is probably time to get the snow tires off my car.
04:38:23 PM - I ordered a new camera bag a week ago. It says it ships in 3-5 Business Days. I sure hope it arrived today. I wanted it for my trip.
04:56:39 PM - @FashionMomma22 I can't wait to show you my outfit today. I wore that necklace you love
09:30:16 PM - My baby RT @_Poly_Kitty: I'm hoping @SmilinColleen won't notice me so I can go with her
11:09:39 PM - I forgot to grab a bunch of business cards at work. I probably only have 4 with me. :(

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

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