Friday, November 11, 2011

11.10 - Busy Day

Skirt: F21
Shirt: Express
Tank: Unsure but I dug through all my tanks to find a hot pink one and I didn't have one
Scarf: NY&Co.
Shoes: The Shoe Dept.
Earrings: Target

So I had a pretty busy day.

I got to work a little after 7.  I had computer issues so didn't get to start working right away or as efficiently as I would have liked.  I have been thinking lately that each time I get to work early, I have computer issues so the time is wasted anyway.

I left my desk at 8:33 to head to my 9:00 meeting. I knew with my computer issues that I'd have to reboot there to get things working.  My computer was stuck on "applying computer settings" for about 20 minutes so I held the power button again.  At 8:58, I finally got the computer going to run the meeting.

My director walked in to the meeting about 10 minutes late and wanted to share my papers. That was extremely difficult for taking notes.

The meeting was over at 10 but there was some follow-up discussion.  Then I got back to my desk and had more follow-up with the person running the meeting from another office. I also made a few phone calls on things I was asked to follow-up with. Then I had to run (pretty literally) to get to my group meeting.  I was timekeeper for that so it wouldn't look good if I showed up late. I got there at 10:31.  We weren't dialed into the meeting yet so we would have gotten started late anyway.

As time keeper, I did a pretty good job keeping people on task. My manager commented that he wouldn't want to get on my bad side. I'd cut people off.  We had a deadline that we had to stick too. People were going off on tangents.  My manager also would give me the good job nod throughout.  The meeting was a little more difficult because only 4 people were in the room and everyone else was at other locations and tied in via phone.

The meeting ended at 11:28 and the agenda had 11:27 so I did a pretty good job.  But then there was some talk among the 4 of us in the room.  I got back to my desk and quickly packed up my laptop to head out the door. I stopped off at a conference room to make sure other people printed what they were supposed to for the meeting.  I saw the clock when I was there at it was 11:41. I was behind schedule!

On my way to building 1 I saw Dave.  He was on his way to Moe's and gave me a ride to building 1.  On my way over I ate my uncrustable. I had to pack that for lunch knowing I'd have no time to eat. I got to the conference room and immediately started setting up.  Nothing was working right. The dial in number wasn't registering when I hit star so that I could initiate the call. Nothing was working right. Also people were in the room a few minutes early and trying to make small talk with me. I'd like to build rapport with these VPs but I was having trouble multitasking. I'd really like to know why the one guy is running a 5k in Ireland and what made him decide to do that and why he is going. I did not get to follow-up with him.

At 12:01 the last of the meeting attendees showed up and we got started.  The meeting didn' go that well. Not only couldn't I interrupt to get people back on track but people would ask a question and then interrupt the person answering before he'd get a chance to talk.   The meeting was scheduled until 1:30.  We finished at 1:50 and by finished we decided to be done. We didn't actually finish. The team has to make updates based on comments from the meeting and then we will reconvene for new comments and to make sure old comments were handled.  My 2:00 was cancelled so I didn't have to rush back to my desk.   When I was leaving the conference room, I noticed a bag. Someone left their laptop bag with all kinds of other stuff in the room. I would carry it back to building 4 but made some calls to make sure he knew that I had it and would bring it back.  Then I find a purse. I guess who it belongs to but she said it was another females in the room so I say I'll carry that back too.

I just had to go to Mel's desk on my way back to give her some Stampin' Up cardstock. I did run into her on the way so that made it easy especially since I got off the elevator and was walking the wrong way to her desk.   All the bags were heavier than I thought so I was glad I didn't have to go all the way to her desk.

I walked back to building 4 and returned the purse and bag. Then on my way to my desk, my manager asks me about the CARB. We talk for a few minutes. He asks me what time it is and I look at my watch at say 4:00. He didn't believe it. We check my computer and learn it is 3. Guess I never changed the time on my watch.

I quickly made copies of my notes from the 12:00 meeting so that I can provide them to the team since I won't have time to type them today.

Then it was time to look at peer reviewer comments on the report that I did. I needed to address those, get the peer reviewer OK, get the Issue Owner's (a manager) OK, and email the report to everyone before the end of the day.  Talk about stress.  Luckily there weren't many comments.  Then I had to wait to get in touch with the Issue Owner. I emailed, IMed, called her work phone, and called her cell phone.  Now I had to sit and basically wait to see if she had additional comments. Finally at 5:13 I get in touch with her. She needs 30 more minutes to review the report.  In that time I call back some people who called me during the day. Then the IO gets back to me and it is OK. I send the report out to everyone and also send out the "road-maps" I made specifically detailing what I did to address each and every comment from the last meeting.   I was good to go and it was 6pm.  What a crazy day.
Oh wait I still had a few more follow-up actions to do before leaving so Dave waited at the couch in the lobby while I QUICKLY finished up.  I wrote a few emails to inform people of things. They were not worded well at all. They were to managers. Oh well.  I was out the door.

Then we went to Smokey Bones. I miss their turkey sandwich. I got the turkey dinner and asked for a bun but it just wasn't the same without the gravy. It was a bit dry.  The cornbread was good. I only ate half of my allotment and brought the rest home.  I spent too much time talking to have time to eat I guess.  I was going to run after work instead of have dinner right away with Dave but I realized since I  only ate less than 300 calories worth of PB&J (uncrustable thing) and didn't drink a single sip of any liquid all day that it was better that I didn't.  My lips were already so dry because of my lack of water.

I got home around 8 and hung out with Dave.
Later we lifted weights today. We did a leg workout for 38 minutes.  I didn't go all hardcore since I actually lifted legs at Body Pump about 24 hours earlier and I like to have 48 hours between.

So did my day seem like fun to you?   I forgot to mention I should have read the report prior to the meeting at noon but I fell asleep the night before and with all the meetings I only got to page 6. It was a 91 page report. I felt out of the loop at the discussion at the meeting. I hate that feeling. Technically I don't have to read the report but it just makes it easier to understand everything so I do... or usually do and this time I did not.  When I started the day I had meetings 9-10, 10:30-11:30, 12-1:30, and 2:00-3:00.  Talk about being annoyingly spread out. Also the first and third meetings were ones I had to run so I had to get there early to set up my computer and I had to be prepared to talk.

I didn't curl my hair in the morning because the meeting with people at 12 was the same group of people as Friday, November 4 and I got a comment on my curled hair at that meeting so I didn't want to do it this time.
Dave was already asleep and I turned on the light to take a picture of Poly. I needed to get one since I hadn't taken a single picture of her all day.

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