Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sweater: Express (I tend to wear this at numerous NA-YGN functions without realizing it)
Skirt: NY&Co
Necklace: Limited
Bracelet: NY&Co
Shoes: Famous Footwear

I have on a cami bra so when this sweater stretches throughout the day, I have a lace cami showing instead of showing skin. But then the light color under the sweater isn't so nice in the harsh flash of morning. It was daylight. It really was.
Today Dave told me I was dressed like a hussy. A guy said hi and asked me how I was even though he did not do this to the guy in front of me. Someone told me to have a good day even though they did not say this to the person in front of me or behind me.
A guy in the parking lot at Buffalo Wild Wings shouted across the lot at me that it's too cold to wear a skirt like this (btw it is 60 degrees)

I had a super busy day at work.  Dave and I went to Moe's for lunch.
We went to the gym after work. I showed him some lifting equipment after we used the elliptical. We started on the treadmill but I was running with a limp so I ran for .5.
Then I was off to happy hour for NA-YGN. I was an hour late but I did stay until 8:30 instead of 7pm. I was with the last group of people there.

I came home and Poly sure loved me. She kept purring and hanging out. I think she knows I'm ditching her for the weekend. I curled my hair to save time in the morning. A first attempt at the night time curling just to see how it works. Throughout the night she either slept on me or Dave. She moved immediately from one of us to the other. Usually she goes under the bed if one of us turns so she gets off of us.

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