Saturday, December 24, 2011


Another day off work and another day I never wore real clothes.  I did run, use the elliptical, and lift weights for my arms.
This athletic jacket is from Soma. I like that it has inside pockets.  The sleeves have scrunching or whatever and then make the one edge of it a little short. Oh well. The length is still better than like anywhere else I tried.  I think runners like to have their sleeves go to their finger tips so then I get some sleeves that go to my actual wrist.  It did cost me $88 a few years ago though.
Nothing noteworthy happened besides learning that my dad was taken to the ER.  I was shocked. Timmy knew and didn't tell me the story in advance so when my mom texts and says "I assume you heard." she was mistaken.
Well my dad had what he thought was a pinched nerve so made a doctor appointment so he could get a muscle relaxer and be done. It happened once before and that's what he did. Well at the doctor appointment after awhile the doctor came out and got my mom.  He said my dad's blood pressure was too low so they were taking him to the hospital via ambulance.  It was something like 66/38 but I can't remember exactly.   My dad had his appointment in the early afternoon and got out of the ER at 10pm.  They ran a ton of tests. Nothing really explained the low BP.  They wouldn't let him eat there. They also kept not giving him anything for his neck pain which is really why he went.  What an ordeal.   My mom was talking about postponing our Thanksgiving meal.   We did. We made it dinner instead of lunch.  I bought a pumpkin pie since she didn't have time to make pumpkin cake. {On Thanksgiving he said it only hurt a little and he was still clearing plates and doing dishes so at least it improved a lot over a day with the medicine they gave him.}

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