Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Tank: Target (not shown)
Shirt: Pittsburgh Marathon
Pants: Target
Shoes: Brooks via Amazon
Yet another uneventful day. It is great.

I started out running the 5k.  Then I came home and used the computer for a bit. It was time for lunch.  Then time for TV. Basically I was forced to watch more TV because Poly was on my lap.  I used my laptop at this time too.

Around 4 we went to the track to go for a walk.  Dave had some issue with his ankle or well above his ankle. Not sure what it was. Kind of a bulge sticking out of his leg. I'm not sure what it means so we called it quits.(The picture above doesn't do the bulge justice)
But we did come home and lift weights in the basement.  He lifted for 30 minutes. Since I'm still sore from Body Pump and shouldn't technically lift 2 days in a row, I only lifted 15 minutes.

We carried some Christmas stuff upstairs and ordered a Pizza.   I watched TV until the pizza arrived. I watched TV while I ate. Then after I watched some more TV.  I carried some more Christmas stuff up. On a break, Dave came down and helped me move the recliner to the porch. I got out the vacuum so I could vacuum under where the tree will go.  I didn't do any of that though and went back to watching more TV.
Poly was on my lap again so I was forced to watch even more TV. It was after 10 by the time all the TV watching was done.  I watched 3 episodes of the Biggest Loser and 2 episodes of Unforgettable.  I watched 2 episodes of West Wing earlier in the Day with Dave.

On the Biggest Loser it made me so mad when the one girl fell in the bottom 2 by 1/100th of a percent, because they only weight them based on whole numbers.  They need to use a scale with at least 1 decimal point. Oh  man it makes me so mad.

As soon as I woke up I put on workout clothes. Since I knew I'd workout with Dave I didn't shower and left them on but then it so happened I wore them all day. They also happened to mostly be the same workout clothes I wore Friday.


  1. I saw that episode too! It's kind of strange because it's the only one of the whole season I've caught. But I totally agree they need a more accurate scale. That show also bothers me because I think it portrays a seriously unhealthy weight loss image to America.

  2. The show bothers me for that too but I think being seriously overweight and unhealthy that way for so long is more unhealthy than the extreme weight loss.

    That scale bothers me so bad. So the at home prize the one year was won by .01%. I was so mad I didn't watch the show for a few seasons. (I only watched the finale so don't know what season or who the people were but I had watched previous seasons)

    If I just watch 1 episode here and there which is what I'd done in the past, I thought it portrayed more of an unhealthy weight loss image than it does now. They talk about exercise. They talk about weight training to have muscle. They talk about eating healthy and make sure to eat. It is just that only little tid bits are in each episode and the main parts of the episodes are the torture of working out on the people and then the weigh in.

  3. "...but I think being seriously overweight and unhealthy that way for so long is more unhealthy than the extreme weight loss."

    I think you hit the nail on the head, there.

    Also, I have never watched the show, but the inadequately accurate scale thing bothers me, now, too, because when I was buying a new bathroom scale a few years ago, the only one that would calculate body fat and all that jazz was - you guessed it - The Biggest Loser gimmick scale. Which, coincidentally, IS ACCURATE TO ONE TENTH OF A POUND.

  4. Oh boy they sell a scale that does more than the whole pound. That makes the show even worse.