Saturday, December 10, 2011


Sweater: Kohl's (2006), Skirt: The Limited, Boots:  Famous Footwear (January 2011), Necklace: Lia Sophia, Earrings: Target

This skirt is a little big in the hips now. In the middle picture you can see the extra fabric poking out at the hips.  This was one of the skirts I bought after putting on a few pounds and now I'm down those few pounds so it's slightly big.  It still works though and at least now most of my 8 pairs of jeans fit again.
I was so tired that I kept hitting snooze so my day started off later than anticipated (but still not too late).

The morning flew by and then Dave and I walked 2.4 miles at lunch.   In the afternoon, I dealt with some stuff at work that wasn't cool.  Since when do I make a decision on a whim?  (I may have mentioned to some people how there have been multiple times that I've left the house with Dave to head somewhere and he wanted to change that and I couldn't handle the sudden change. My stomach had gotten upset. If that isn't the opposite of being able to decide things on a whim I don't know what is. Also I can never even decide where to eat dinner because I'm awful at just deciding.) Since when is being realistic being negative. If 4 people are RSVPed for an event that we need 40 on then there should be some alternative being thought up and you should NOT loose $1000 and hold it anyway. That is just ridiculous. Apparently I'm the crazy one.

After work it was off to Body Pump.  It was a pretty full class.  Studio Fit is getting more and more business, which is good. After Body Pump, I came home and cooked vegetables and mashed potatoes while Dave cooked steak. I ate while watched Whitney and then How I Met Your Mother.  It felt like bed time when that was done, but I still had to plan for my Stampin' Up class. I had to finish cutting all the supplies. I did not cut them all in advance just in case not everyone showed up to the class on Saturday, I just didn't want to have a ton of extra supplies cut. Everyone showed up on Saturday which was good but then that meant I had a lot more supplies to cut.  Since I wasn't done cutting, I added 1 person to my class list.  So that meant some of the cards that I did cut everything for I was now short. Poly was all up in my grill when I was trying to cut the rest of the supplies.


  1. I love this outfit! It's hot!! Do you ever dress Dave or pick out his clothes, or is he pretty fashionable on his own?

  2. thanks Julie.

    I don't pick out Dave's clothes. He has pretty good sense of style. He's big though and has very few choices so you can't really tell his sense of style at all. He only has 1 choice to buy clothes (Casual Male XL) and then they have even less of their styles in the tall version so his choices are super limited.