Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:09:01 AM - These announcers are even disagreeing with these penalties
12:14:19 AM - Oh boy. Another turnover in the endzone. Don't know why I stayed up for this. #steelers
07:46:32 AM - I don't want to wake up to go to work
03:03:34 PM - Days Dave isn't here I'm awful at eating my lunch. I'm still trying to eat it. I keep getting distracted with work.
03:09:43 PM - I just added 4 things to my to-do list so I could cross them off. It made me feel more accomplished.
03:23:03 PM - "I don't understand numbers." - I just said that!
03:48:27 PM - Work computer got another blue screen of death. I hate this thing.

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