Sunday, December 18, 2011


Pants: VS (new)
Shirt: NY&Co
Shoes: VS (actually boots)
Necklace: Target

I couldn't figure out for sure if these pants were gray or brown so I went with pink to match.  I thought they were brown but Dave thought gray. (Online they did refer to them as brown.)

I just got these pants in the mail.  They are 36" inseam and the same style as my red ones. I wish they were a little shorter.  My gray pants are also 36" inseam from VS but they aren't as long and they are a little better.  If these shrink slightly they will be perfect. I'm waiting until I wash and dry them before I would consider hemming them because my luck is if I hem them first, they will shrink and I"ll be stuck.

The back of the shirt is a little fancy or I would alter it like I did with 2 other shirts I have.  The shirt fits perfect around my butt but is very baggy at my waist and I don't like that.  The far left picture kind of shows that.
I went to work and felt like I was getting sick.  My throat hurt. After I got to work, I was sneezing more than normal. I started to think I was getting sick and I did not want to get sick. I have too much going on (we all do).   I cancelled my plans to run with someone since I was feeling sick. I didn't want to chance it and wanted to rest up.

I didn't run and I didn't workout. Instead I watched TV.

I did do a little bit of cleaning. I cleaned up the dining room. I timed myself. Later I emailed my mom and she thought it was funny that I timed myself in different areas. I spent 22 minutes cleaning up the Stmapin' Up supplies from the dining room.  Then I spent 23 minutes cleaning up stuff in the family room and kitchen and doing the dishes in the kitchen.  That may seem like a lot of time but the kitchen was still a mess.  I'd pause the timer when I went in to my laptop and would email my mom.   Dave wrapped presents while I was cleaning up and he tore off the packaging for the gift cards. I tried to tell him you give the gifts with them on it. He told me I was crazy. Then he saw the to and from and the online ordering info on the paper he took off so then he proceded to pretend to eat the paper he took off to hide the evidence.

Then we watched the Steeler Game.  (Poly even watched too.) I hate the night games. They keep me up too late and I'm too wound up after they are over that I don't go to sleep right away.

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