Thursday, December 22, 2011

4.5 miles

I ran with Jen again today.  I was going to run at lunch at work. I was just unmotivated to leave my desk. I posted on facebook to get people to motivate me to run and then she commented and we ended up running together.

Today we ran at 4:1 run:walk intervals the entire time. It was the first time we both did that together.  Last time we did 3:1 but the times before it we ended up changing to 2:1 or walking a little extra at some point.  This was our fastest time for the 4.5 mile loop too.

The weather was very nice.  I got a bit warm partway through but I was wearing a tank top, long sleeve shirt, and light jacket. Granted I'm also wearing all of these things right now and then thinking about how I am, I realized I didn't shower after working out.

We did not have a split of over 3 minutes. I believe we usually get 1 that slow.  We also usually have a mile split that is over 11 minutes. Today we didn't do that.

So many little things about todays run got me motivated.

After I got home, I looked at my training plan. If I would have run 5 miles, I would have made hit what I should have hit. I I'm at the end of week 3 and only made it once.  Also I did have a training plan that started 2 weeks earlier but I never met anything so I started over.

Today when we were leaving the park, some lady who was parked next to me joined into our conversation. She said she ran for years and years but injured herself and could now only bike.  She was probably about 60 years old.  She said she ran since she was little.  She did something to the tendon in her ankle and now she has flat feet. She said she can't run.  If she had to do it all over again she would have biked and swam all those years.  She was telling us how running is bad for you.

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