Sunday, December 11, 2011

Color Rotation Summary

I didn't go all out this time around and make everything black and white besides the color I was wearing. Most of the time, I didn't even mention that I was wearing a particular color. I did in fact finish the challenge though.  I  had 2 days in there that I didn't get dressed so I skipped though.  One workout clothes day didn't fit in either. Originally I wasn't going to count any workout clothes days but having a week off work would have made this challenge take forever. I also had to miss a day when I had to wear the same black shirt and black pants 2 days in a row. I already was unhappy about using an orange necklace for orange on the first day.

I didn't really learn much new this time around besides every time I wanted to wear a pattern, it incorporated purple even though the day before was my "purple" day so then I had to try to switch it up.

I realized how much I like pink in this challenge. I knew I liked it before but didn't know how much.  I always knew I liked red.  Orange and yellow were still a challenge.

During this challenge I wore a few things I hadn't worn in years and used it as my deciding factor to get rid of said thing.  I will be getting rid of the blue sweater in the first round.

What did you think about seeing Color Rotation?

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