Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Traditions

Christmas Eve dinner with fish that my brother cooks. I don't like fish so it's a rough meal, but we make it work.
Christmas Day with family at my parents house.  We rarely take pictures. We always have stuffed cabbage. We always have a few different cookies
New Year's Eve at Callie's. We've been going there for years.  I missed a few years. Mike missed a few years.  My parents went a couple times.  Dave has never gone and I am trying to get him to go and I fail every year. It appears that balancing your cup on your gut is a tradition and wearing plaids is a tradition. I will have to see if I can do both of these this year.  Callie's mom asks me if I'll bring my kids some date to their party and I definitely would.
A family picture. Well the tradition is I try to force my family to take a family picture. The reality is we have only done this 3 times.
Pizzelles! My gram's recipe. There are recipes out there but that's just cheating. I have to use my gram's recipe when I make it each year.  My aunt couldn't find my gram's recipe last year so she called Algie's recipe. Algie is my gram's cousin so I think
Putting presents around the tree in the basement. 1 year we didn't have a tree down there so my brother pulled out the dogwood and put the presents around it.
Apparently a tradition I didn't even realize I have is that I take pictures of people who fell asleep.  Now good thing I'm the only one who seems to take pictures because then there aren't pictures of me sleeping.  The above collage has examples from Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's Eve and spans over many years.

Another tradition that I don't have a picture of is zebra cakes in our stockings.  Now it is just a joke. I tend to buy the zebra cakes the last few years.  We get 1 package in our stockings and that is it.

What traditions do you have?  What tradition would you like to have but you don't do currently? I'd like to have food besides fish on Christmas Eve!


  1. We used to always go to my grandparents houses on Christmas eve, have shrimp cocktail at my gram Haught's, and ham at my Gram Cousins', then go home to my parents' house and open one gift (normally PJs, which are one of my favorite gifts ever). Now John wants to start a tradition of having Christmas Eve at home, just the two of us, which is nice, but I miss getting PJs.
    On Christmas day we always go to my parents for dinner, and my sister wanted to start a new tradition of brunch at her house, which was REALLY fun this year.

    I want to start celebrating solstice in a meaningful way, but no one else cares about it, so I just do my own little thing with it.

  2. We used to go to both grandparents houses on Christmas Eve. Then there were a few years of Christmas Eve at my parents. Then nothing Christmas Eve.

    We also went to my gram's for Russian Christmas for many years.