Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I feel like the coloring in all these pictures is off. I had to really think about it to figure out what shirt that is. The skirt is a little big. I need to alter it. I bought a Large for length and so I could wear it on my hips.  This entire outfit (counting jacket) cost me $100.80. It is so weird to not wear tights around here. Some days it is chilly for a skirt so maybe I will dig out my tights so I get to wear them.
The rest of the day was standard. So standard nothing stands out.
Notice Poly's paw reaching from under the monitor. I was taking a picture of that and only after realize how it is almost an extension of the picture that is on my screen. Weird.
Poly likes to sleep on the cable box and on our router. The router is what she is sleeping on behind my monitor.

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