Thursday, January 17, 2013


 Shirt: Express, Jeans: Limited, Shoes: Famoust Footwear, Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Poly slept with me in the morning. When I woke up I tried to use my color wheel to come up with ideas of what to wear with my green jeans.
I went to Google for lunch. It's amazing how good their food is. That rice was too spicy for me so I ended up wasting.
Poly helped me kill time in the afternoon. Or maybe she caused me to waste time.

I went to Sprouts. I bought chicken, green beans, broccoli, and 2 green peppers at Sprouts today for a total of $3.64.Then I went to Target and bought $70 worth of groceries. So Newman's Own sauce is 1.89 at Target but is over $3 at Safeway.

Dave and I went to the gym after he got home from work. Then Dave got Boudin's on the way home. The lady there recognized him and said she's his gym guy.  Dave thinks the chips Boudin's gives as a side are the best ones. I have not tried them yet so I don't know.

BodyMedia fit stopped working. I had to go to sleep without it on hoping it would charge.
A few days before Dave's coworker, Sachi, gave us presents. She gave me bracelets. They are nice. The little bag they are in is nice too. Then the gift bag was super nice. The nicest I've seen. I can't believe how thick it is. I kept raving about the bags that Dave mentioned that to Sachi. She brought them back from India when she was there over the holidays.

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