Sunday, April 28, 2013


Shirt: AE, Pants: Express, Necklace: Charlotte Russe, Jacket: NY&Co, Purse: Target
I hung out in bed in the morning like always. Poly always hangs out with me. I think that's the only time of the day she pretends to like me.
I went to google for lunch. We tried the newer cafe that I hadn't been to.
I got Pizza Hut for dinner. They messed up my order and sent my pizza out on a delivery. They offered me the wrong one but I didn't want stuffed crust. So I waited for a new one to be made. While waiting the TV was on and I half listened but clearly didn't pay attention because after about 5 minutes I realized it might not have been in English. After another 5 minutes I confirmed it was not in English. It was in Spanish and it was some version of ESPN.

My feet hurt. My left foot hurt because of my toe. My right foot hurt because of my plantar fasciitis.

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