Monday, April 29, 2013


Shirt: F21, Jeans: Express, Shoes: Brooks, Necklace: Lia Sophia
I hung out in bed. Then I hung out at the dining room table while watching TV and eating.
I took pictures of the mess. I figure it shouldn't be this messy 2 days before I'm having a Stampin' Up class. I also took these pictures and expected to take some after pictures but I never did get to cleaning.
After work Dave drove to Target and I met him there. I walked. On my way there a little boy on a bike complimented me on my necklace.  That prompted me to take a picture and email my  mom to tell her. She emailed back saying that she also had on that shade of purple and so did her friend that she was at dinner with.  I didn't get that email since I was busy walking. I sent her a 2nd email after I was in Target because as I saw Dave for the first time I saw that we matched too. Our purples are the same shade. I'm  not sure why the picture doesn't look that way.  So it must have been purple day. Dave and I both had on jeans too.

I found this mini loaf of bread for about a buck. It was a little more than that. Maybe it was $1.19. I bought it. (I ate it the next day and loved it.)
I had a bunch of different leftovers for dinner. I played games on my iPad.  We watched TV.


  1. I like that long necklace look. For this shirt's neck-ruffle-thing, I bet it would look nice if you had a medium-length necklace that's the same as the longer one and you could wear both at the same time. But boy do I not know about fashion, though.

    1. I normally wear a necklace longer than the neckline but not as long as I wore above but I have the necklace above and it wasn't free so I figure I need to wear it now or then. When I sit it is too long so I knew I was out shopping so I'd be standing so I wore it. It helps that nowadays I only seem to have to be dressed in people clothes for 2 hours at a time or less.

    2. Haha - people clothes.

      Also, you seem to have a lot of Brooks running shoes. I bought the Adrenalines for years and always liked them. Can't remember why I stopped. Probably the minimalist fad (I'm dumb).

    3. I think my last 6 pairs of running shoes were brooks adrenaline. I started with the 9s or 10s and have the 12s now. I had at least 2 different 11s but maybe 3. They worked well with my old orthotics and 2 different running stores recommended them and now I just stick with them.