Sunday, July 28, 2013

18 Weeks (July 27)

Last week I mentioned my doctor having awful hours. Well I still haven't scheduled my next appointment. 

Size of ba
by: Bell Pepper, 5 - 5.8 inches long (from crown to rump)

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  0.6 lb gain overall. I gained 1.2 in the past week.  But last week I had higher numbers on Friday and Sunday so it wasn't really all week.

Maternity Clothes:  6 days out of 7 I wore maternity jeans and the other day I wore pre-pregnancy jeans + belly band. (I went into DBC 6 days... the 6 days of maternity jeans).  I only wore maternity shirts maybe half the time maybe less. Some shirts that are from before are shorter and I lack time in the morning so I just go for what I think is long instead of testing things out. I might be missing out on more clothing options. 

Gender: We will find out on August 3.

Movement: Not yet. Or I haven't noticed anything yet. 

Sleep: The same exact as last week
My lack of sleep is not baby related. I'm so exhausted this past week. I slept about 6 hours a night with adjusting to Dev Bootcamp and 4 hours traveling a day!

What I miss: Being able to exercise without pain.

Cravings: Nothing yet.  When do these usually start?

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: Last week I mentioned my containers on top of the refrigerator. Well I have a new spot that is down low in a cupboard under the counter. So now i don't have to struggle with that. I get lightheaded sometimes or just black out a little when I move too quickly. It's happening less than it used to but I'm also way more careful. 

Best moment this week:  I'm not sure. Nothing stood out baby related. I've had a few worst moments this week that it's even hard to pick. They aren't baby related either. For example someone trying to steal my phone on the bus.  

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender.

Exercise:  Now I'm on week 2 of the drastic increase in exercise. I've had to bike to and from the train station. I did Drive on Monday and walk on Tuesday.  I walk 3 blocks in the morning. Then up a flight of stairs. At the end of the day do it all with the addition of crossing an extra street. I maybe walk a block from the train station to the bus too.   Also we have mandatory yoga.  I didn't like all the different standing things like from forward fold to standing.  The instructor gave me alternate exercises for the ab portion since I had talked to her after the Tuesday class.  On Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I walked a lot to get to and from Bart. Since I've packed my lunch and dinner, I haven't had to walk to get either of those things. I still wish I had some weight lifting time. My arms have lost all their muscle. I want some of it back or to stop losing the rest of it.  So if I walk fast and not even my old pace that people said was fast but slower than that, then I get a pain in my lower abdomen and it sucks. If i bike fast the same thing happens.