Thursday, July 11, 2013

Maternity Clothes

I bought some maternity clothes in person and ordered some on-line. I was going to wait to post until everything came in and I wore everything but starting next week I won't have any time because of Dev Bootcamp.

I bought all of these in person. I also bought a pink long sleeve shirt that wasn't shown on-line.  So far I've worn the last item in the first row and second row. I don't really need to wear them yet but I wanted to try to get the cost per wear down. I bought the same shirt in 3 colors. I like them because they are not see through at all. Based on reviews I've read on many maternity clothes sites, most shirts are thin and require a cami.  Besides the 3 shirts that were the same style but different colors, all others were on clearance.
Old Navy
I ordered all in Small except the second one I ordered in medium.  They won't arrive until next week. I only own one sort of recent shirt from Old Navy and it is small so I figured I'd order small but I thought maybe by the end of pregnancy I'd want bigger so I switched one to a medium.  I wonder if I will have to return any. Hopefully I will have time for an update later.
I've never ordered from Asos before. I think I only heard of the store from my brother before. But then within the 24 hours I heard about it from two people and that they have maternity leave. I ordered 4 things. The shirts are both size 4. That is what I would wear based on the sizing chart.  I ordered the jeans in both 4 and 6. I hear returns are easy and I wasn't 100% sure which size I'd wear. The model pictured is 5'11 and wearing a 4. My brother sent me the link first. I was looking at a lot of jeans but these have the best inseam for me. I really hope they fit.  Sometimes skinny jeans will fit on top and the calves are too tight. I hate ordering on-line.
I ordered this on Amazon the day after my first set of 4 shirts from Target. It was $15 and free shipping but I ordered it. I'm still waiting for it to arrive.
Sorry the above pictures are not very good. The lighting is bad in our bedroom especially after dark.
I can't believe nobody told me about a belly band years ago just for when I ate too much and was too gutty. All of my pants that I have been wearing the last 6 months still fit so I tried out the belly band with pants that got too tight months before I got pregnant.

The purple diagonal shirt didn't seem that big in small so I bought the medium. Both were on clearance. I didn't try the medium on at the store and it look pretty huge. I won't be wearing it for awhile.

Lots of people seem to try to wait as long as they can before buying maternity clothes but I figure I'll mix them in so I can wear current pants with new shirts and have more outfits.

I did add up everything I spent on maternity so far and it was close to $225.  It all adds up quickly.

Where were your go-to stores for maternity clothes?  I did look on the Gap website and may order jeans from them but none of their sale items were in my size and I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for something that I couldn't try on.


  1. thanks for sharing

    pregnant ladies running really encouraging

    hope to see more posting related to Breastfeeding Dresses

  2. Wow! You really have a great sense of style. Thanks for the ideas. I'm on the lookout for really trendy and nice clothings to dress up my baby bump. I don't want to really go for the traditional maternity stuff like the large and baggy ones. I want to go for something like your style. I'm so loving all those stripe tops you got.


    1. More form fitting maternity clothes are hard to find.