Monday, July 22, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Week 2, Day 1

I started out week 2 with a cold. I took a ton of kleenexes with me. The first half the day wasn't so bad but once 3 PM hit, I was sneezing constantly and my nose was running constantly and I was having trouble thinking. I left right when class ended at 6. I didn't stay late at all. Not working on the bus ride helped me. I always think the more I think the worse my cold is. 

Today we did something interesting in the morning. We paired up in 3 half hour segments to code sudoku. The first was a top down approach. Then there was a bottom up approach. Then we got to choose. Every half hour we threw away the code. We actually didn't finish coding the problem but it did teach us a little about each way. It probably really helped that we spent all day solving the problem for the first time. 

Then we paired up with different partners and worked for the rest of the day on the core problems. We worked with classes, instance variables, global variables, getters, and setters, and probably more that I'm forgetting since I'm still sick.  It didn't seem that hard but once my cold really set in and our code wasn't working, it sure felt hard. At least right now I blame it on the cold and not on my inability to code. 

At lunch, a bunch of women from Dev Bootcamp had lunch together. It's a weekly thing. It was nice to discuss some women's issues. We also talked about being stressed. We could talk about anything really until we run out of time.  The intern was asking us how we liked it and I mentioned how Dave told me over the weekend that he doesn't think he's seen me so happy as I've been the past week. I think everyone was surprised by that answer. 
Here's a picture of the chairs we always sit on that make my butt go numb. I often wonder if other people find them as uncomfortable as I do. I mean I sit on chairs at restaurants and my butt hurts from those so I'm not sure if it's just me.  (We always sit on these for the lecture portions not when we are coding!)
On our second day, a photographer took a group picture then individual pictures. Here are the 2 versions that she printed for me to pick from. I chose the one on the right to put up on the board with our cohort. (We didn't get to keep the pictures but I snapped pictures of them with my phone.)

I started a full summary of Week 1 but realized I spend more time coding and don't finish up the post. I also learned today that someone at Dev Bootcamp read my blog and came to check on me because I have so much going on.  I wonder if he read my tumblr, blogger, or google+. They all have different things. I was too started by the comment to ask.


  1. Those pictures turned out great. Too bad you can't keep them. Sometimes people who I only know as acquaintances will say they read my blog, and I never know how to respond. It's kind of awkward because they know so much about your life but you don't know much at all about theirs. You feel flattered but kinda creeped out at the same time. It's just weird.

    1. Maybe at some point we will get them. We haven't seen the group pictures yet so maybe we will.

      I used to wonder more how people found my website when they'd make those comments but my blog is much more easily searchable in google. my website was mainly pictures and no mention of my last name so not sure how people would have discovered it.