Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bike (6.30)

Dave and I took a practice bike ride to the train station. This is so I would be less scared for Dev Bootcamp. We still have to do a full practice where we take the train and bus.
I had Dave take my picture before we went. Then I had him take my picture after.  It was only a short ride too!
The bike ride wasn't too bad. It might suck more at rush hour. But I might be biking prior to rush hour. I will be biking home after rush hour. Dave bikes so much that he bikes fast now. So in addition to my biking slower, he bikes faster and it's even harder to keep up. I used to have time to coast while he caught up. Not anymore. I had him go first and he got way ahead of me.

BTW those shorts are my track shorts from 7th grade. Purchased from Natale's.

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